China Custom elevator double stage worm gearbox

Warranty: 3months-1year
Model Number: LAP LBP LAM Motor Drives Linear Actuator
Usage: BOAT, Car, Electric Bicycle, FAN, Home Appliance, Cosmetic instrument, SMART HOME
Torque: N.m
Construction: Worm Gearbox & CZPT Screw and ball screw, reducer and mo
Commutation: Brushless
Protect Feature: Waterproof
Speed(RPM): Travel Speed (mm/s)
Continuous Current(A): 220v
Efficiency: IE 2, 30%-100%
Product Name: Electric Push Rod Linear Actuator
Maximum speed:: 100mm/s
Maximum thrust:: 12000N
Duty Cycle:: 10%-100%
Dynamic load: 400N
Mechanical connection:: Double lug shaft connection
Max Load:: 250 ton
Application: Shaft Connection
Maximum travel:: 2100mm
Input Voltage: 12v/24v/36v/48vdc
Packaging Details: Polythene liner bag enclosing screw jack (which is moisture barrier, rust-proof).Polyurethane foam around the screw jack (avoiding shock in delivery) in veneer case.

Product OverviewLinear Screw ActuatorThe Relation Between Electric Linear Actuator And Electric Lifting PlatformElectric linear actuator is a kind of electric drive device which converts the rotational motion of motor into the linearreciprocating motion of linear actuator. It can be used as an executing machine in various simple or complex technologicalprocesses to achieve remote control, centralized control or automatic control.Electric lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting and unloading mechanical equipment, electric lifting platformlifting system, which is driven by hydraulic pressure. The shearing fork mechanical structure makes the lifting platform havehigher stability, wider working platform and higher load-carrying capacity, and makes the high altitude operation scope wider, andsuitable for multi-person simultaneous operation. It makes high-altitude operation more efficient and safe.The electric push rod is a new type of linear actuator which is mainly composed of motor push rod and control device. Our push rod has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, wide power source, low noise, convenientinstallation, flexible use, many functions, many matching forms, high reliability, Fcl Flexible Rubber Mechanical Shear Pin Shaft Coupling With Camlock Flange long service life and so on. No matter where you are, we have the right solution for you. In fact, 80% of our linear actuator solutions are customized to theneeds of our customers.Scope of businessLitack makes electric linear actuator solutions to provide smooth movement in different applications. From agriculture,comfortable furniture, office lift to industrial automation – there are almost endless opportunities for application.Let’s explore. Litack’s broad business scope will inspire you.■ Agricultural Machinery Applications■ Office and Furniture Applications■ Industrial Automation Application■ Medical Device■ Solar Tracker FEATURES AT A GLANCEThrust range: 10 kg-20 tons. High bearing capacity. Self-locking function, high synchronization. The volume is less than 30% of similar products. Precision control, multi-point accurate positioning. Cooperate with ball screw to realize continuous work. Modular combination with a variety of motors and accessories Product ParamentersWhy choose Electric linear actuator?Compared with hydraulic and pneumatic products with the same function, the electric push rod has the highest cost performance,cleaner, easier operation, higher power efficiency, and users can benefit from it. The integrated design of the electric push rodis easier to program and control, and the maintenance workload is minimized, unless under extreme conditions, no more acquisitionor lubrication parts are required.It is a kind of cargo lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application scope, which is mainly used for cargotransportation between production line height difference; material on-line and off-line; workpiece height adjustment duringassembly; high feeder feeding; parts Lifting during assembly of large equipment; large machine tool feeding and unloading; storageand unloading places and forks. Vehicles and other transport vehicles supporting the rapid loading and unloading of goods and soon. According to the requirements of use, accessories can be configured and assembled arbitrarily, Hot sale zinc coated 06b transmission chain sprocket wheel forging such as safety protectiondevice of fixed lifting platform, electrical control mode, working platform form, power form, etc. Correct selection of variousconfigurations can maximize the function of lifting platform and achieve the best use effect. FAQElectric linear actuator is a general auxiliary driving device, which can be widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy,transportation, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, lifting, transportation, construction, food and foodstuff processing andother industries. It has the characteristics of reliable performance, sensitive action, smooth operation, the same push and pullforce, good environmental adaptability and so on. How to assure the quality ?1.all of our materials and components pass the serious China Quality Standard and Control. 2.all of our finished products should pass quality Check System before export. 3.our products can be provided to test and cetify by Authories according to customer’s special needs. Are you manufacturers? Yes, we have 10 years of production experience, quality assurance refers to cooperation What if I want to buy an electric putter? First of all, you need to determine the product model and technical parameters you need. If you need to contact customer service at any time, leave your contact information and we will reply as soon as possible.Product packaging

worm reducer

Worm reducer gearbox

Worm reducer gearboxes are commonly used to reduce the Agknx produced by a rotating shaft. They can achieve reduction ratios of five to sixty. In contrast, a single-stage hypoid gear can achieve up to a 120:1 reduction ratio. For further reduction, another type of gearing is used. So, a single stage worm reducer gearbox cannot achieve higher ratios than these.


A worm reducer gearbox is an auxiliary mechanical device that uses worms to reduce the size of a rotating shaft. These worms have a range of tooth forms. One form is a line weave twist surface. Another is a trapezoid based on a central cross section. The trapezoid can be perpendicular to the tooth cross section, or it can be normal to the root cross section. Other forms include involute helicoids and convolute worms, which use a straight line intersecting the involute generating line.
Worm gears are lubricated with a special lubricant. Because worm gears are complex, it’s important to use the correct lubricant. Worm gear manufacturers provide approved lubricants for their gears. Using unapproved gear oil can damage your reducer gearbox’s efficiency. The right lubricant depends on several factors, including load, speed, duty cycle, and expected operating temperatures.
The efficiency of a worm gear reducer gearbox depends on several factors, including losses at gear mesh, losses in the bearings, and windage in the oil seal lip. In addition, the worm gear reducer gearbox’s efficiency varies with ambient temperature and operating temperature. The worm gear reducer gearbox’s efficiency can also vary with the ratio of the load. Moreover, worm gear reducer gearboxes are subject to break-in.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are used in many different applications. They are typically used in small electric motors, but they’re also used in conveyor systems, presses, elevators, and mining applications. Worm gears are also commonly found in stringed musical instruments.
Worm gears have excellent reduction ratios and high Agknx multiplication, and they’re often used as speed reducer gearboxes in low to medium-speed applications. However, the efficiency of worm gear reducer gearboxes decreases with increasing ratios.


Worm reducer gearboxes come in different sizes and tooth shapes. While the tooth shape of one worm is similar to the other, different worms are designed to carry a different amount of load. For example, a circular arc worm may have a different tooth shape than one with a secondary curve. Worm gears can also be adjusted for backlash. The backlash is the difference between the advancing and receding arc.
There are two sizes of worm reducer gearboxes available from Agknx Transmission. The SW-1 and SW-5 models offer ratios of 3.5:1 to 60:1 and 5:1 to 100:1 respectively. The size of the worm reducer gearbox is determined by the required gear ratio.
Worm gears have different thread counts. One is based on the central cross-section of the worm, and the other is on the right. Worm gears can have either a single or double thread. Single-threaded gears will reduce speed by 50 percent, while double-threaded gears will reduce speed by 25 percent.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are lightweight and highly reliable. They can accommodate a variety of NEMA input flanges and hollow output bore sizes. Worm reducer gearboxes can be found at 6 regional warehouses, with prepaid freight. To make a purchasing decision, you should consider the horsepower and Agknx requirements of your specific application.
worm reducer


The Worm reducer gearbox market is a global business that is dominated by the North American and European regions. The report provides in-depth information on the market trends, key challenges, and opportunities. It also examines the current state of the industry and projects future market growth. The report is organized into segments based on product type, major geographical regions, and application. It also presents statistics and key data about the market.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes have many applications. They can be used to increase the speed of convey belts. They also help reduce noise. Worm gears have many teeth that touch the gear mesh, which makes them quieter. Moreover, the worm gears require only a single stage reducer gearbox, reducing the number of moving parts in the system.
The worm gear has long life and is suitable for different industries. It is a perfect choice for elevators and other applications that need fast stopping and braking. Its compact size and ability to hold a load make it suitable for these applications. It also prevents the load from free-falling as a result of a sudden braking. Worm gears can also be used in heavy-duty machinery such as rock crushers.
Worm gears are similar to ordinary gears except that they transfer motion at a 90-degree angle. As a result, the worm gears are extremely quiet, making them a suitable option for noise sensitive applications. They are also excellent for low-voltage applications, where the noise is critical.
Worm gears are ideal for applications with space restrictions, because they require fewer gear sets. The worm gears also allow for a smaller gearbox size. Consequently, they are the perfect choice for machines that are space-constrained, such as conveyors and packaging equipment.


The lifespan of a worm gear reducer gearbox is comparable to other gear reducer gearboxes. Worm gears have a long history of innovation and use in various industries, from shipbuilding to automobile manufacturing. Today, these gear reducer gearboxes are still popular with engineers. However, there are some things to keep in mind before buying one.
In the first place, a worm reducer gearbox needs to be affordable. Generally, a worm reducer gearbox costs about $120. The price varies with the brand name and features. Some products are more expensive than others, so be sure to shop around for the best price. In addition, it is important to consider the quality and design of the worm reducer gearbox before making a purchase.
Worm gear manufacturers have made significant advancements in materials, design and manufacturing. These advancements, along with the use of advanced lubricants, have resulted in significant increases in efficiency. For example, double enveloping worm gear reducer gearboxes have improved efficiency by three to eight percentage points. This improvement was achieved through rigorous testing of manufacturing processes and materials. With these improvements, worm gear reducer gearboxes have become more desirable in today’s market.
Worm reducer gearboxes are extremely versatile and reliable, and are available in a variety of sizes. Domestic manufacturers usually stock a large selection of reducer gearboxes, and are often able to ship them the same day you place your order. Most major domestic worm gear reducer gearbox manufacturers also share some critical mounting dimensions, such as the output shaft diameter, the mounting hole location, and the overall reducer gearbox housing height. Most manufacturers also offer standardized gear ratios. Some manufacturers have also improved gear design and added synthetic lubricants for better performance.
In addition, different tooth shapes of worms can increase their load carrying capacity. They can be used on secondary curves and circular arc cross sections. Moreover, the pitch point defines the boundary of the cross section. The mesh on the receding arc is smoother than that of the advancing arc. However, in the case of negative shifting, most of the mesh is on the receding arc.
worm reducer

Self-locking function

A worm reducer gearbox has a self-locking function. When a worm is fitted with all of its addendum teeth, the total number of teeth in the system should be greater than 40. This self-locking function is achieved through the worm’s rack and pinion mechanism. The worm’s self-locking feature can prevent the load from being dropped and is useful for many applications.
The self-locking function of a worm reducer gearbox is possible for two main reasons. First of all, a worm reducer gearbox uses two or more gears. One gear is placed at the input, and the other gear runs the output shaft. This mechanism produces a torque, which is transmitted to a spur gear.
Worm reducer gearboxes can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Because of their self-locking function, they are useful for preventing back-driving. They are also helpful for lifting and holding loads. Their self-locking mechanism allows for a large gear reduction ratio without increasing the size of a gear box.
Self-locking gears can be used to prevent back-driving and inertial driving. This is useful for many industries and can prevent backdriving. However, one major disadvantage of self-locking gears is their sensitivity to operating conditions. Lubrication, vibration, and misalignment can affect their reliability.
Embodiments of the invention provide a self-locking mechanism that prevents back-driving but allows forward-driving. The self-locking mechanism may comprise first and second ratchet cams disposed about a gear member. A releasable coupling member may be interposed between the gear member and the ratchet cam. This facilitates selective coupling and decoupling.
The worm reducer gearbox has several advantages. Its compact design is ideal for many mechanical transmission systems. It also provides greater load capacity than a cross-axis helical gear mechanism.

China Custom elevator     double stage worm gearboxChina Custom elevator     double stage worm gearbox
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