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F series parallel shaft helical gear reducerIt is one of the four series of reducers, and belongs to the same four series of reducers as R series, S series and K series.This type of reducer is also a gearbox, which can be double-staged and has greater torque and output. Ever-Power Heavy Industries will give you a detailed introduction.
                    F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer

The F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer requires high technical content, especially to make the product well. The technical requirements are very high. The appearance of the same gear does not look much different to the naked eye, but it is far away from professional equipment. Far away. Ever-Power Heavy Industries insists on being the manufacturer of quality reducers! The F series reducer produced by Ever-Power has obvious advantages and high quality.

    F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer gear

Made with German technology, high technical content, high product precision, high-quality forged steel materials, rigid cast iron box, higher load bearing, more reliable and durable, efficiency up to 95% or more, and superior performance.The gears undergo high-frequency heat treatment and precision machining to ensure parallelism and positioning accuracy.

     F series reducer

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Technical Parameters 
    Power range: 0.18KW~200KW 
    Torque range: 3N·m~22500N·m 
    Range of output speed: 0.06~374r/min

     F series reducer

Model representation method

     F series reducer model meaning

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