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HD series commutator, full name:HD series spiral bevel gear steering box, Also known as commutator, gearSteering box, Reversing transmission, etc., is an important part of the many types of reducers produced by Ever-Power Machinery Co., Ltd., and is one of the products that Ever-Power reducers have been producing in the early construction of the factory. Today, Ever-Power reducers I will introduce it in detail for everyone.
                         HD series spiral bevel gear steering box
HD series spiral bevel gear steering box, The main function is for reversing transmission, reversing deceleration, etc. Because the shape is a standard square body, it is very convenient for installation. Whether it is installed outside the equipment or inside the machine, the requirements for installation space are relatively Low, so HD series products are very popular in commutation products.

    HD steering box


*The appearance tends to a cube, which is conducive to installation
*Long life, large load capacity, transmission efficiency as high as 94%-98%
* Spiral bevel gears are made of high-quality low-carbon alloys, after carburizing, quenching, grinding and other processes, the closed transmission accuracy is higher.
*It can be used for deceleration, acceleration, two transmission modes
There are multiple selections of HD/HDA/HDF/HDAF, suitable for multiple installation methods
Model indication

       HD steering box model representation method

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