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Aluminum three-phase asynchronous motor_Ever-Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

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While producing multi-category reducers and screw lifts, Ever-Power Heavy Industries also producesAluminum three-phase asynchronous motor, At first, it was only for the use of its own reducer and screw lift, but because the quality of the aluminum-shell three-phase asynchronous motor produced by Ever-Power Heavy Industry is guaranteed, the quality is superior, and it is widely welcomed by customers. Aluminum shell motors are also gradually entering the market. Today Ever-Power Heavy Industry will introduce you in detail.
                   Aluminum three-phase asynchronous motor
                                                                                                                          (Picture XNUMX)

The aluminum shell motor, Gu Ming thought, the motor shell is made of aluminum alloy. Many customers have misunderstood the aluminum shell motor, thinking it is an aluminum wire motor. In fact, the aluminum shell motor is only made of aluminum alloy, which will make the motor It has better thermal conductivity and is lighter, but it is made of copper wire inside. Ever-Power Heavy Industry produces an aluminum shell motor with national standard copper wire, and the quality is guaranteed.The motor series are Y series three-phase asynchronous motors, with an energy efficiency level of 3.
                    Aluminum motor
                                                                                           (Figure II)
The types of aluminum shell motors produced by Ever-Power are: ordinary aluminum shell three-phase asynchronous motors, square aluminum shell three-phase asynchronous motors, aluminum shell variable frequency motors, aluminum shell brake motors, aluminum shell brake variable frequency motors, aluminum shell single-phase asynchronous motors Wait.The above types are produced in accordance with the relevant standards of the company, with superior quality.
It also includes horizontal B3 (see Figure 14), vertical B5 (Figure XNUMX), and vertical BXNUMX (Figure XNUMX) to meet different installation requirements.

                     Aluminum shell B5 motor
                                                                                               (Picture XNUMX)

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