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The full name of this product introduced by Ever-Power Heavy Industry today is:MB planetary friction type continuously variable transmission, Commonly known as steplessVariable speed machine, UDL governor, etc.It is a kind of speed changer widely used in the machinery and equipment industry.
                    MB series stepless speed changer
The MB stepless transmission is mainly composed of a compacted driving wheel device, a friction transmission mechanism, and a speed regulation control mechanism.It is produced abroad in Italy, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, and it is widely used worldwide.It is divided into conventional type (MB), primary reduction gear (MB-C), and secondary reduction gear (MB-2C). The speed adjustment range of the conventional model is 200-1000 rpm. The primary reduction gear can achieve 40- The speed of 2000 rpm, the two-stage reduction gear can realize the speed range of 8-125 rpm through different models.

Speed ​​mode

1. Handwheel speed regulation
2. Right angle device speed regulation
3. Electric speed regulation

                     UDL governor

MB series transmission has many advantages, high strength, wide speed range, precise speed control, stable performance, and can also be used with other types of reducers

Model indication
MB CVT model meaning

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