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WP series cast iron worm gear reducer_Shanghai Ever-Power reducer

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WP series cast ironWorm gear reducer, Is a kind of worm gear reducer, worm input, worm gear output, flange can be directly connected to the motor, the output can be used as a shaft or output hole, vertical and horizontal can be used, it belongs to the very commonly used reducer category One, also known as "*can reducer". Ever-Power will introduce you in detail.

                    WP series cast iron worm gear reducer
                    WPA reducer
The structure of the wp reducer is very simple (see the figure below), but after flexible use, it can meet many operating conditions. Let's first show the structure and model meaning of this product with a picture.

WP reducer model meaning

Installation method introduction

There are many types of WP series reducers, which are suitable for multiple installation conditions. Therefore, they laid the foundation of wp* reducers. The frequently used ones are: WPA/WPDA/WPDKA/WPO/WPDO/WPS/WPDS/WPKS/WPX/ WPDX/WPDZ/WPDKZ, etc. For more models, please refer to the figure below


The above figure mainly shows the single-stage model of the wp series reducer. The speed ratio of the single-stage model is 1/5-1/60, which can reduce speed by 60 times, but in some special conditions, it needs more Torque and slower speed, single-stage use cannot meet the demand. At this time, we should choose two-stage use, two-stage series use, the deceleration range is 1/100-1/3600, and the reduction ratio can reach 3600 times (see the figure below) )

In addition to the use methods described above, WP series reducers can also be connected in series with other types of reducers, which have reached the required working conditions. Please inquire for details!

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