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Ever-Power and all the staff wish you all a happy New Year's Day

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  Say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year. On the occasion of New Year's Day in 2020, Ever-Power Heavy Industry and all employees hereby wish everyone a Happy New Year's Day. In the new year, everything goes well and everything goes well. hair!!


  New Year's Day is a legal holiday in our country, and also our traditional holiday. On this day, a new year is ushered in. Gathering with family and friends during the holidays, I wish you a happy start.


  Ever-Power is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of reducers, screw lifts, aluminum housing motors and other series of products. It covers an area of ​​64 acres, adopts German technology, imported equipment, 16 years of production experience, and has established long-term relationships with many customers. The import and export cooperation of the company brings our products and quality out of the borders and to all places.


  The company has always taken honest management as its service level, continuously improved product quality and employee quality, and has also continued to explore technological innovation and reform. Based on the concept of "persisting in being a manufacturer of quality reducers and motors", it has been around for nearly two decades. The experience of building a factory has helped the company continue to achieve impressive results in opening up new paths. Now, the old year is about to pass, and our company will usher in 2020. We have always been grateful to the employees and customers who accompanied the company. In the new year, the company will inevitably appear in front of everyone with a brand-new attitude and better serve everyone.


  Sincerely, Ever-Power!!

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