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About Ever-Power

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Ever-Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of reducers, screw lifts, and aluminum housing motors.The main products of reducer are: T series commutator, HD series commutator, ARA series steering box, P planetary gear reducer, precision planetary reducer, WP worm gear reducer, RV reducer, four series of reducers , MB stepless speed changer, WB micro cycloid reducer, X/B series cycloidal pinwheel reducer, HB standard industrial gearbox, ZDY hardened cylindrical gear reducer and other models with nearly XNUMX speed ratios Reducer...

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16 years of production experience, imported equipment from abroad

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Using German craftsmanship, product quality is excellent


Application range

  • Construction machinery

  • Metallurgical machinery

  • mining machine

  • Rubber machinery

  • Building Material Machinery

  • Chemical machinery