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Ever-Power producedP series planetary gear reducer, With high precision, high wear resistance, shock resistance, high transmission efficiency, and more options for assembly methods. Ever-Power will introduce you in detail today.

                      P series planetary gear reducer

*Using standards, modules, and optimized design, customers can change the combination according to their actual needs, and there are many options
*The box body is made of high-rigidity ductile iron, which greatly improves the wear resistance and shock resistance
*The gears and ring gears in the box are treated with high-frequency carburizing and quenching, which makes the relevant accessories better wear-resistant and harder. After heat treatment, all the high-precision gear grinding processes are used to make the surface accuracy higher and greatly reduce the noise , Improve the efficiency and service life of the whole machine.
*Input mode: concentric shaft input, helical gear input, bevel gear-helical gear input, bevel gear input
*Output mode: internal spline type, hollow shaft shrink disc type, external spline type, solid shaft flat key.
*Installation form: horizontal installation, vertical installation, torque arm installation.

                      Planetary gear reducer

                    P series planetary reducer    
                    P series reducer

                    Planetary gear reducer

Model meaning

Model meaning of P series planetary gear reducer

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